What is the Summer Food Service Program (SFSP)?

The Summer Food Service Program (SFSP) is a federal program designed as a summer supplement to the free/reduced price school lunch program that many low-income children rely on during the year. SFSP sponsors, sites, and vendors work together to provide nutritious snacks and meals to kids in group settings. They receive reimbursement for their eligible expenses.


The Department of Education’s Office for Child Nutrition runs the SFSP in Ohio. Team Vittles has gathered information on this program and is presenting it on their website in order to make it as accessible as possible, but in cases of uncertainty please refer to the Office of Child Nutrition. Their feature page on the Summer Food Service Program can be found here. If you are visiting from outside Ohio, please refer to the USDA’s “List of School Meals Contacts” to determine your local State Administering Agency (SAA).

Where do I fit in? SFSP sponsors, sites, and vendors.

If you’re interested in helping bring the Summer Food Service Program to your community but aren’t sure where you fit in,
Sponsors handle the logistics of the program. They identify sites. They work with vendors to set up schedules and meals. They make sure the necessary paperwork gets done, and work with the State Administering Agency to get reimbursement for eligible expenses. For more on the topic from Team Vittles, click Sponsors.


are where hungry kids gather and eat. Sites are encouraged to offer some activity or entertainment beyond food if possible to help make things fun and draw kids in. To learn more about serving as a site, click Sites.


provide food for the sites. They look for ways to provide fun and nutritious food while keeping costs low. To learn more about serving as a vendor, click Vendors.

Where does Team Vittles Fit in?

We're the government, and we're here to help. As we develop our site, we will have resources and offer assistance in applying, making connections, programming around SFSP, and much more. Stay tuned as we develop our arsenal of useful tools.